Stuff is going really really well. Like scarily well. Not sure if I’m more scared stuffs going to go wrong or that my hard work is paying off? Either way. It’s good… S’guurd!
Ps; There’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline. Eeeek.


I am sick & tired of people judging me. I am not a bad person, I’ve made bad decisions before, but who are you to stand above me & judge me because of things I did in the past, which number 1; I do not regret and number 2; are not mistakes? It’s just my past? Who are you people to believe you have any type of control or hold on me? But importantly who am i to give it to you people? Who am i to believe that anybody should control, judge, hold or manipulate me?
I am me. I make my own decisions, make my own friends, go to my own places and make my own CHOICES.
So thanks but it’s time to leave people like you behind. In 2012. Where you should be.

I’ll be there for you…

My friends are fucking amazing. Ambitious, passionate, selfless, motivating humans. They’re endless with the work rates & not one of them is a sheep or snake.
The clique contains; Videographers, photographers, designers, producers, pr’s, fashionista’s, bloggers, events co-ordinators, DJs & singers/rappers.
Thank God for putting me in this group.
You’re only as strong as your weakest link, so essentially we’re unbreakable.
The driving force of my success is to be able to share the reaping with my friends.
So until the day I can provide for them all, I’ll be grinding…with the homies.

A toast.

So I’m currently in the second week of my fitness programme & I’m feeling good! Taking on some new business ventures this year, as well as progressing with the old(er) ones, but it’s still my year out as such; making sure that I come first & so does my enjoyment & education.
Setting up the success of my future & the future of my success.
Looking forward to it!
Catch you on the flip-side yo!